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New York Movement

New York State (in the U.S.) has been the home to many user/survivor organizations, past and present. Project Release in New York City was active in the 70s and 80s and into the 90s.  Mental Patients Liberation Alliance is one of the few organizations from the "old movement" (70s) that is still functioning.  Many peer advocacy and peer support projects and groups, and other organizations, exist today in New York.  We will link to them on this page, so long as they are independent user/survivor-run organizations and do not accept drug company funding.  


CHRUSP is based in New York, and its founders and board members have been instrumental in some of the groups named here.  We have our own roots and close ties in the New York movement, and are excited about the development of human rights consciousness, grass roots ownership and promotion of diversity here in 2011.  

This page will also provide information on CHRUSP work in New York, which is focused on law reform, human rights education and awareness-raising, and human rights monitoring.  

1-11-11 - We Speak For Ourselves - Legislative Awareness Day, organized by Mental Health Empowerment Project and We The People - videos


    Part 1 - Sabrina Johnson, Darby Penney, Amy Colesante on human rights, voice and trauma
    Part 2 - Isaac Brown and Joe Woodward on choice, treatment and housing
    Part 3 - Joe Woodward, Eva Dech on housing rights, getting out of adult homes, and legislative advocacy
    Part 4 - Ryan on "assisted outpatient treatment" experience, torture and advocacy
    Part 5 - Dally Sanchez and John Donnelly on our rights as parents and as children/youth

    Part 6 - Tina Minkowitz, Llewellyn George, Daniel Hazen on UN standards, repealing inpatient and outpatient commitment, forced medication and human rights


1998 Report on Rivers hearings deciding cases of forced drugging in the Brooklyn, NY court - while it is more than ten years old, advocates can consider whether anything has changed significantly.  The report is also an example of a type of grass roots human rights reporting.