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Tina Minkowitz - Fri Dec 09, 2011 @ 08:05AM
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The first phase of co-optation I experienced in the anti-psychiatric abuse movement was in 1985.  I was not a very active member or leader at that time, but I went to the annual "International Conference For Human Rights and Against Psychiatric Oppression" in 1985 and experienced the three-way division that left the North American movement, at least, in a weakened and demoralized state.  This division may have also allowed NAMI, an organization of family members that at the national level receives most of its funding from pharmaceutical companies and is pro-forced psychiatry, to emerge as the voice of "mental health advocacy" sought out by the media.  

The 1985 co-optation was brought about by government mental health agencies in the U.S. negotiating to fund a consumer movement that would co-operate with, rather than oppose, the mental health system.  Before 1985 the groups I knew about met in people's houses and in public spaces, and on rare occasions received funding to open a drop-in center and house where people could stay.  We held our conferences at a university campus when school was not in session, not in fancy hotels.  From that time till today, developments have been such that most of our movement is dependent on funding from the mental health system.  Some organizations use the funding creatively and even find that, by refusing to "pre-emptively comply" with onerous conditions, they can do much more than they might have thought possible.  

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (a UN human rights treaty, on which I worked as a representative of the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry) represented, to me, in part a way to break through the stagnation in the movement, particularly the way that talk about abolition of psychiatric incarceration and forced interventions had been stifled by government money.  Most likely I would not have expressed it that way at the time, but I saw an opening in human rights and the lens of non-discrimination that allowed us to say "we have been left outside looking in, now we claim a place at the table and redefine what's on the menu."  This was helped greatly by the fact that we came in as part of the disability community which had politicized its own involvement in an earlier UN process so that the slogan "Nothing about us without us" was a rallying cry that made sense to governments as well as non-governmental organizations.

Since the adoption and entry into force of the CRPD, a new co-optation is happening that I had not anticipated.  I should say at the outset that the mental health system co-optation is also continuing on the world level, with WHO and its supporters sponsoring "human rights" training and manuals that accept the practice of forced psychiatry, and promoting alliances of user/survivor organizations with mental health agencies based on this same premise.  But the co-optation is not limited to the mental health system this time.

The International Disability Alliance has been converted from a coalition of equal partners in which each member had a veto over activities or positions that did not reflect its own positions, to an agency run by non-disabled people (executive director and other key positions) primarily from the global north that "works in" countries in the global south and claims to represent the global community of people with disabilities at the UN.  WNUSP, a member of IDA, no longer has the power to collaborate with its colleagues (the other global organizations of people with disabilities and regional federations of disability organizations that are the members of IDA) to create mutually agreed agendas and carry out work together.  Instead, the work is proposed by the executive director, approved by the IDA members as a "governing body", and then carried out by the secretariat, at times with token participation by the representatives of IDA member organizations. 

Human rights organizations, including those dealing specifically with the rights of people with "mental" disabilities, and development organizations, saw the opportunities for their own growth and development of their work.  While we were regrouping after the exhausting and exhilarating task of creating the CRPD, these organizations took advantage of the new treaty to continue on in their old work that was based on faulty standards, particularly the now discredited and superseded Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness (see Torture Rapporteur Report A/63/175, paragraph 44, and OHCHR Legal Measures Study A/HRC/10/48, paragraphs 48-49, acknowledging the MI principles superseded by the CRPD).  Funders also approached these organizations practically begging them to get involved, despite at least my own voice cautioning funders that they should insist that such organizations partner with organizations of people with disabilities who have the policy expertise and authenticity to drive CRPD implementation and monitoring just as we created the treaty itself.  (At least one organization is playing a token game, repeatedly inviting us to join in their agenda and ignoring our requests for honest dialogue and acknowledgement of our leadership.)

One phenomenon happening in all the international co-optation post-CRPD adoption, is the bypassing of WNUSP, the global organization of users and survivors of psychiatry/ people with psychosocial disabilities, with funders, human rights organizations, WHO and IDA secretariat seeking to have a direct relationship with national user/survivor organizations to provide them with training on the CRPD.  This is disrespectful and not in keeping with the principle of "nothing about us without us," and gives the impression that we are not the suppliers of expertise but only the recipients of training by experts whose lack of lived experience seems to give them greater credibility.  These agencies, all based in the global north, also appear to want to "protect" user/survivor organizations in the global south from the influence of leaders in the worldwide movement who are opposed to forced psychiatry.  They seem to think that wanting freedom from oppression is a conspiracy of outside agitators - sound familiar?  

Our movement has been slow (from my perspective) to understand the potential of the CRPD much less to be willing to believe in yet another promise that may remain unfulfilled.  There has already been a lot of co-optation worldwide, so that those of us who want our national and local organizations to work for abolition of forced psychiatry have to deal with funders, non-user/survivor staff who usurp decision-making power, and members who are peace-loving and traumatized people reluctant to be in the middle of ideological wars.  Despite all this it is happening, and user/survivor organizations everywhere are taking the CRPD and making it their own, adapting the message of freedom and self-determination to their own circumstances and speaking in the many authentic voices of our movement.

I feel sorrow and grief over the co-optation that has happened in relation to work in which I was personally involved.  Yet I see the results of my work not only in the user/survivor movement taking up the CRPD standards, but also in the fact that many of those who fought me at one time or another end up adopting the positions and strategies I have advocated.  I would rather the co-optation not be happening, as it drains energy and puts additional obstacles in our path.  My hope is that we can defeat co-optation by naming it and coming together to cooperate for our freedom and for the solidarity to meet our human needs.  The CRPD gives us a chance to develop policies appropriate to the society we live in, to play a role in governance responsible to the society as a whole.  (I mean that we have an opening to put forward serious, comprehensive policies for laws and programs that reflect what we truly want.  It is similar, I think, to what happens after a revolution when the revolutionaries have to govern.)  As I have been arguing elsewhere, I believe we have the tools, models and skills to shape such policy.  Watch for further discussions and let me know what you think.  

The "growing up" of a movement does not have to mean co-optation, rather co-optation is a challenge that a movement has to face in its "growing up." 

Comments: 310


1. Delores Jankovich   |   Fri Dec 09, 2011 @ 03:14PM

Excellent article. Co-optation must be named and addressed. The last sentence is particularly true and powerful. We must pull together in solidarity in order that we may shape a future free of discrimination and violastion.

2. Ted Chabasinski   |   Fri Dec 09, 2011 @ 04:04PM

This is a very important subject, Tina, and I am glad to see you addressing it. And as you say, almost all movements for social change face attempts at co-optation. Progress is made more by the people who make sacrifices, while those who are self-promoters hold us back. I think it is very important to point out who these people are, though.

3. Myra Kovary   |   Fri Dec 09, 2011 @ 04:53PM

This issue of co-optation is a very serious one and I also appreciate that you are addressing it. I would like to add that, according to my recollection, the psychiatric establishment made a concerted effort in the mid 1980's to undermine our movement. NAMI was a carefully constructed effort on the part of the APA and did not emerge to speak on behalf of their "poor mentally ill relatives" only as a result of our internal conflicts. I would also like to add that the powers that are against us are enormous! The psychiatric profession and the drug companies are very threatened by us. But that is even more reason for us to address this issue of co-optation and pull ourselves together to continue to fight for the human rights of users and survivors of psychiatry and against psychiatric abuse. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute my thoughts here.

4. Bang   |   Sat Dec 10, 2011 @ 10:11AM

The CRPD is bullshit. Where in the world has the CRPD ever abolished forced psychiatry? Nowhere. It is a pathetic toothless tiger.

5. Tina Minkowitz   |   Sat Dec 10, 2011 @ 03:21PM

I appreciate all your comments. Myra, thanks for the additional info about NAMI. Do you know anywhere that that information is recorded? All I could find easily was that they were created in 1979.

And to Bang, the success of the CRPD has been to have our rights recognized in international law, where they hadn't been before. One recent example, a UN consultation on violence against women with disabilities included in their questions, whether a country prohibits forced psychiatric interventions, forced institutionalization, forced drugging and forced electroshock. This was based on our advocacy related to the CRPD.

I believe that the UN human rights system helps to create a cultural change that can lead to widespread acknowledgement that forced psychiatry is wrong, and should be abolished.

6. Irene Lynch  |  my website   |   Sat Dec 10, 2011 @ 04:49PM

We can breathe again! In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, "Practicing peace, especially in times of war, requires courage." - Creating True Peace.

Certainly it is a time of intense disquiet, fear, and separation.

7. Belinda Jane   |   Sat Dec 10, 2011 @ 10:55PM

Totally love this post and it is so true. Within Australia what I see is a huge effort to hand pick so called users and survivors who will hold up what psychiatry wants. They then claim to be speaking for us. A growing number of them have never experienced forced treatment. Simply having antidepressents, prescribed by a GP supposedly now makes them mental health clients and that is supposedly enough to qualify them to speak on behalf of those currently locked up and suffering the worst human rights violations.

I think that many of them really do care about what they see, but they are so concerned, about how people percieve them that they are not likely to speak up or say anything out of hand. They continue to make very tokenistic efforts to change anything at all. But the government and psychiatry can appear to be doing something and listening to us, when in fact they are not. If they asked a group of survivors to choose there representatives, that would be a very different story, but that is definately not what happens.

The other thing that has become very big and the same can be said for the US is the voice of the carer's, as though somehow there voice is more important than ours. One carer group in Australia wants mental health legislation to mention the human rights that carers are entitled to, and in the same request they asked for more forced treatment of there so called loved ones!! They did not feel it necessary for mental health legislation to talk about the human rights of those being treated under the act!!

8. NANASE Taro   |   Sun Dec 11, 2011 @ 03:35AM

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9. Maxima  |  my website   |   Mon Nov 12, 2012 @ 07:58PM

I am very new to the survivor movement having just tapered neurolyptics five weeks ago. I have been forced drugged, court ordered into treatment, out patient and in hospital, I've been punished for trying to escape by increasing my meds 166% neurolyptics and keeping me for two more months. I aim at creating a non-profit aimed at the education of Christians through the network of churches. Psychiatry is a religion. I want to educate the churches about this fact and about how the medications destroy Christian believers. I used to hate the church, so I understand how some might react. But I have found much support from my church in coming out of the system.and for setting my face to change it. My priest has asked me to draft a letter to his superior to enumerate our concerns. I am Greek Orthodox, not by birth. My first amendment rights have been violated.
I am very concerned about the CRPD. Homeschoolers are against it. The treaty takes the rights of homeschooling children with disabilities away from parents. Spanking will be against the law. They have tacked in there an international ban on personal ownership of firearms. Anything from the UN is a red flag for me. In my opinion, states rights needs to be strengthened. A centralized world government might seem to be throwing a bone to the disabled, but in the end, a centralized government can change its policies quickly to become totalitarian. Once the structure is there, it will never serve the people. It will be a monster. Calling it a disability act is a cover.

One worlders throw around ideas like needing a license to have a child. Do you think we will get licenses? They one worlders are eugenicists to the core! I'm writing my Congressmen. Don't be fooled.

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24. Ben Turner  |  my website   |   Thu Jul 25, 2013 @ 11:40AM

Thanks for contributing to the lexicon, Tina. We need words such as "co-optation" to advance understanding of the dangers of the continuously re-encroaching psychiatric status quo, particularly in the poorly-defined field of "advocacy." The NAMIs of the world have got to go.

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