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CHRUSP at PsychOUT Conference - NYC June 19-21, 2011

CHRUSP at PsychOUT Conference - NYC June 19-21, 2011
Tina Minkowitz - Sat May 21, 2011 @ 07:28AM
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PsychOUT Conference comes to New York this year, hosted by The Opal Project under the leadership of Lauren Tenney (a CHRUSP board member).  

Please see http://www.theopalproject.org/psychout.html for announcement and registration forms.  

Note that the conference is free of charge.

CHRUSP president Tina Minkowitz will be presenting 3 workshops at PsychOUT:  one on an overview of the CRPD as applied to "psychiatrically labeled people," one on developing an inclusive position on psychiatric drugs, and one an open discussion on how to do away with mental health laws.  

CHRUSP board member Daniel Hazen will be presenting a workshop entitled "Psychiatric Torture and Violence Against Prisoners: Liberty and Justice for All: Human Rights and Advocacy."



Comments: 149


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